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You already know you can brighten up any space with the addition of lively greenery. What many people forget is that the planter matters, too! The perfect pot or planter design can become the ideal accessory for a weathered porch or an elegant dining room. Create a place for greenery in each level of space with wall-mounted and hanging planters, or give your garden a fun surprise with a novelty planter. Check out these planter ideas to elevate your decor.

Planter Ideas

Planters at Every Level

hanging planters

Try to place a plant at every level of your space to immerse your room or patio in greenery. Hanging planters make it possible to decorate with greenery in spaces with limited floor space or countertops, as they will help you keep your surfaces clear. Try hanging two or three planters close together for a curated look or spreading them out among stationary planters. They’ll look especially great scattered across your outdoor patio.

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Decorate with Succulents

succulent planters

If you’re looking for succulent planter ideas, you’re in luck. Succulents are very small and can easily fit into any small planter. Due to their size, the planters fit easily into any space. Place your small succulents by a window, on a desk, or on a bookcase. For an artistic feel, place a few succulent planters next to each other. Mix and match the planter designs or opt for a matching set.

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Keep It Boxy

box planters

Planter boxes are great for showing off flowers and other greenery; their wide and long shape puts each plant on display. Available in many designs – from wood to stone to vinyl – you can find the planter box that perfectly fits your style. You’ll never run out of planter box ideas – try lining a pathway with box planters or using them to accessorize your flower beds. You can also mount box planters on a fence or windowsill.

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Decorate with Urns

planter urns

Urn planters are a stately addition to any backyard. These statuesque planters are a perfect garden centerpiece; place them somewhere easily viewable from your porch or front step. Try showing off vibrant flowers in a simple urn and tall grasses in an ornate urn for a lovely contrast. If your urn does not have a drainage hole, be careful not to overwater your plant!

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Keep It Raised

raised gardens

Raised gardens keep your planter elevated and provide storage space for gardening supplies under the planter. These structures look great on a porch or next to a garden shed. They are easy to tend to (no kneeling in the garden) and provide excellent drainage. Since the planter is raised, it’s harder for weeds and garden pests to find your plants.

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Try a Rustic Wheelbarrow

wheelbarrow planters

Wheelbarrow planters are a rustic and elegant accessory for your backyard. For the perfect look, plant flowers that will cascade over the sides of the wheelbarrow. You can put the soil right in the wheelbarrow and plant, or you can place planters inside the wheelbarrow, depending on your preference. These planters are also easy to move because they’re already on wheels!

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Lots of Pots

flower pots

If you’re partial to the classic flower pot design, look no further. Pot planters come in a variety of sizes and colors that are easy to match to your pre-existing decor. Don’t be afraid to mix and match; an eclectic group of pots can be a wonderful backyard accent. If you would like a cohesive collection of planters, try to stick to a color palette or common design.

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Get Vertical

vertical planters

Wall planters help you simultaneously save space and decorate a blank wall. These planters can be paired with wall art or wall-mounted gardening tools for a fun indoor or outdoor look. Check to see if your wall planter has drainage holes – if so, place it somewhere you won’t mind a little leakage.

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Decorate the House

window box

Window boxes are box planters that are often equipped with hooks or mounting materials for a windowsill. Make sure to measure the width of the casing around your window before buying a window box – your planter box should be about as wide as the casing and the mounting system should fit on the windowsill. If you like the look of a window box but desire a different location, try out railing planters for a nearly identical feel.

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Hide a Novelty Planter

novelty planter

Novelty planters imbue a sense of fun and whimsy to your backyard. A novelty planter hidden in your garden can be a fun surprise for guests and can be used to show off your personality. Before you use a novelty planter, check for drainage holes and evaluate the material to find out what kind of plants will thrive.

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To learn more about planters, read The Ultimate Guide to Planter Types & Sizes.

Planter Materials

Concrete Planters: Concrete is an extremely durable planter material and will not rot or lose structural integrity over time like wood or plastic planters. Concrete is too heavy to be knocked over by wind, but it can be difficult to pick up and move. Concrete planters are great for growing bushes or small trees; the concrete is less likely to crack than plastic or terracotta. Concrete is porous, which protects plants from root rot and soil disease – make sure to check the soil frequently so it does not dry out.

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Terracotta Planters: Terracotta planters are a versatile and affordable option. Terracotta is ideal for growing cacti, because it is extremely porous and maintains a dry soil environment. These planters can be used indoors and outdoors but should be moved inside during cold weather to prevent cracking.

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Plastic Planters: Plastic planters are affordable, come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes, and can be used to add a pop of color to your garden. They retain heat very easily, so these pots should be placed in the shade during warm months. They also retain moisture, which is suitable for flowers and tropical plants. Make sure to check your plants for wilting in case the soil is too moist, and avoid growing produce in plastic pots, as plastic can leach into the soil.

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Wood Planters: Wood planters are an attractive, rustic addition to your backyard. These planters keep your soil cool, protecting your plants’ roots from too much heat. To avoid wood rot from oversaturation, try lining your planter with another pot. You should also treat these planters with a nontoxic stain every year or two to protect the wood from wear.

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Metal Planters: Metal planters are very durable and will likely last a long time. In the summer, they should be placed in a shady area – they heat up quickly in the sun and can dry out soil. You can use a clay or plastic pot as a liner to protect your plants from drying out. Metal is not a porous material, so make sure your metal planter has adequate drainage.

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Ceramic Planters: Ceramic planters are essentially clay planters that have been glazed. Because of this glaze, the planters are less porous and retain water well, making them a great fit for plants that love moisture.

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Composite Planters: Composite planters are made from a mix of materials that varies with each planter. These materials can include stone, plastic, and fiberglass. These planters vary in appearance but generally are lightweight and extremely durable. You can find composite planters that look like wood or concrete but are resistant to wear from weather and are easier to transport. Composite planters are usually porous, which means they require more frequent watering.

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Fiberglass Planters: Fiberglass is made from a mix of glass fibers and resin and usually looks like terracotta or concrete. These planters are lightweight, resistant to wear from rain and snow, and won’t fade from the sun. However, if your planter does not have a drainage hole to let out moisture, it should be moved indoors during the winter to prevent cracking.

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If you’re going to place your planter in a spot with lots of direct sunlight, try to find a light-colored pot – darker pots will attract light and dry out your plants.


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